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146 Case Study in Jeju Island for Evaluating Renewable Energy Sources Curtailment Using Historical Data Sehwan Chung, Heesung Moon, Gillsoo Jang ICEE 2022
145 Probabilistic Power Flow Based Renewable Energy Line Flow Sensitivity Analysis Junghun Lee, Dongyoung Lee, Minhan Yoon, Gilsoo Jang ICEE 2022
144 A Study on Sizing of Energy Storage Systems for Ramp Rate Control Considering Uncertainty Characteristics of Renewable Energy Sources Sungwoo Kang, Deokki You, Seungmin Jung, Yeuntae Yoo, Gilsoo Jang ICEE 2022
143 A Need for Varying dq-Current Limit Control in a Low Voltage Case Minhyeok Chang, Soseul Jeong, Gilsoo Jang ICEE 2022
142 An Adaptive Control Strategy for Virtual Synchronous Generator Considering Secondary Frequency Control Deokki Yoo, Sungwoo Kang, GilSoo Jang ICEE 2022
141 Adaptive Droop Control of Smart PV Inverter for Mitigating Voltage Unbalance by Proximal Policy Optimization Yoongun Jung, Changhee Han, Dongwon Lee, Sungyoon Song, Gilsoo Jang APAP 2021 Smart PV inverter, Multi-Agent Proximal Policy Optimization, Deep Reinforcement Learning, Voltage unbalance, Distribution network
140 Cooperative Control of Nearby STATCOM to Prevent Commutation Failure of the LCC HVDC: Dangjin-Godeok HVDC case Soseul Jeong, Minhyeok Chang, Gilsoo Jang APAP 2021 LCC HVDC, GSTATCOM, Cooperative control, Commutation failure, Dangjin-Godeok HVDC
139 Analysis of Transient Overvoltage in Various MMC Models Using EMTP-RV Juhwan Kim, Soseul Jeong, Junghun Lee, Gilsoo Jang APAP 2021 MMC (Modular Multilevel Converters)-HVDC, transient overvoltage, surge arrestor, fault analysis, EMTP-RV
138 Stochastic assesment of PV hosting capacity under coordinated voltage regulation strategy in active distribution networks Changhee Han, Dongwon Lee, Gilsoo Jang 2021 IEEE PES General Meeting PV, Hosting Capacity, Active distribution network
137 Model Predictive Control based Voltage/Var Control in Distribution Networks Dongwon Lee, Changhee Han, Gilsoo Jang ICEE 2021 Distribution networks, photovoltaic generation, model predictive control (MPC)
136 A trend study on the penetration limit of renewable energy sources in Jeju Power System Jaehyeong Lee, Sungyoon Song, Jaewan Suh, Doosoo Hyun, Seungmin Jung, Minhan Yoon ICICT 2020
135 Development of Multi-Terminal DC link in Distribution Network C.Han, J.Lee, D,Rho, H.Lee, S.Jung, J.Kim, G.Jang 2020 CIGRE E-Session
134 A Preventive Control Strategy of Embedded VSC HVDC in a Large-Scale Meshed Power System Jaehyeong Lee, Sungchul Hwang, Soseul Jung, Gilsoo Jang, Seungmin Jung, Minhan Yoon Green Energy and Technology Embedded VSC HVDC, HVDC operation, Preventive control, System loss minimization, VSC HVDC
133 AC Control Optimal Set Point of Embedded VSC HVDC in the Perspective of Converting Loss Sosuel Jung, Sungwoo Kang, Gilsoo Jang 2019 IEEE PES General Meeting VSC, HVDC, AC voltage control, setpoint, PSS/e UDM (User Defined Model)
132 A Study on Sizing of Substation for PV generators with Optimized operation of BESS Yeuntae Yoo, Seungmin Jung, Heesung Moon, Gilsoo Jang 9th Solar & Storage Integration Workshop BESS, PV, Sizing, Substation